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Homeowners Loose the Battle Against Zone Change

At the Aug. 29th meeting with the Unified Government, many people showed up to protest the zone being changed to commercial at Hutton Rd. & Donohoo.  But, even though there were at least 10 times more people against the zone change than for it, the commissioners voted 7-3 for the change.  (It seems to me that the commissioners don't listen to their constituents!!!)  Don Budd, the developer that wanted the zone change, had arguments for the zone change such as people having to drive "great distances" for a gallon of milk.  The homeowners stated that there is a Texaco only one and a half miles away, and Kay's Korner is only two miles away.  The homeowners also had approximately 450 signatures of people against the zone change, while Mr. Budd only had approximately 100.  Mr. Budd has stated that there will be a convenience store with gas pumps, although he is able to build anything with the exception of a drive-thru window.

Sandy Pierceall (President) - 721-2190
Donna Schneider (Secretary) - 721-3329
Rick Johnson (Treasurer) - 721-1150

Board Members:
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Pat Ohler - 721-3513
Pam Bennett - 721-3250
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Shelia McGinnis - 721-2835
Amy Whitney - 721-1443

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September 11th - Patriot Day
All of us here at American Heritage Homeowner's Association want to extend our deepest sympathies to the victims, families and friends of those affected by the terrible tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001. We would like to thank everyone that gave blood, donated, or anything else to help at Ground Zero.  We would also like to thank firefighters and police officers here in Kansas City, Kansas and everywhere throughout the United States for their dedication and bravery. 

Click here for a list of victims of 9-11-01

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